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The Soul Retreat at the Lago Maggiore

For over 30 years Giardino Ascona stands for casual relaxation and genuine hospitality. The hotel combines a casual atmosphere with superior service and design full of character to a place of Mediterranean joie de vivre.

Luxurious Nonchalance at Lake Maggiore

The luxury hotel Giardino Ascona combines a laid-back ambience, a high-level of service and a charismatic design to a place of Mediterranean savoir-vivre. Breath, relax, stroll, chill, move, marvel or enjoy – this Soul Retreat provides undiluted relaxation with character in the Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland.

Culinary highlight is undoubtedly the 2-Michelin-Star restaurant Ecco Ascona. Its excellent aromatic cuisine and puristic simplicity, is restaged daily by the ideas of Executive Chef Rolf Fliegauf and his team. Tthe restaurant Hide & Seek Ascona draws ist inspiration both from contemporary sources and from Ayurveda.

The dipiù Spa in Ascona promises a world full of vitality, beauty, well being and balance. It offers plenty of space to find inner peace and to strengthen body and mind. Be it in the products or spa treatments; dipiù stands for authenticity, quality and sustainability.

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